Tuesday 20th March 2018
Owl Books

Below are a list of books about Owls that we believe will be of interest to you.

  • Owls Of The World (1991) - by Rob Hume
  • Illustrated by Trevor Boyer. Published by Parkgate Books. ISBN 1-85585-352-3
    In depth detail on 148 species, including distribution maps and 150 colour illustrations (192 pages).

  • Owls Of The World - 2nd Edition (2013) - by Heimo Mikkola
  • Illustrated by Currently Unknown. Published by Christopher Helm. ISBN 9781472905932
    This book contains lavish and spectacular photography from dozens of the world's finest natural history photographers, covering all of the world's 268 species of owls; particular attention is given to subspecific differences, sexing and ageing (512 pages).

  • Owls Of The Northern Hemisphere (1998) - by Karel H Voous
  • Illustrated by Ad Cameron. Published by Collins. ISBN 0-00-21943-7
    Very detailed descriptions of 47 species of owl found north of the Equator, colour illustrations and black and white drawings (320 pages).

  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Owls (1998) - by Dillys Breese
  • Published by Midsummer Books. ISBN 1-900732-05-X
    Mainly about European Owls, has facts, files and lots of photographs (48 pages).

  • Owls Of Europe (1983) - by Heimo Mikkola
  • Colour plates and drawings by Ian Willis. Published by T & A .D Poyser Ltd. ISBN 0-85661-034-8
    A major book on the 17 European species with 75 black and white photographs (397 pages).

  • Owls - A Guide To Owls Of The World (1999) - by Claus Konig and Jan-Hendrik Becking.
  • Illustrated by Friedhelm Weick. Published by Pica Press. ISBN 1-873403-74-7
    Fully describes every known species of owl, with colour illustrations, black and white drawings and photographs (462 pages).

  • The Barn Owl (1994) - by Colin Shawyer
  • Published by Hamlyn. ISBN 0-600-57949-2
    An authoritative monograph on the species with colour illustrations, black and white drawings and photographs (128 pages).