Tuesday 20th March 2018
Keeping Owls

For anyone considering keeping Owls for the first time we would recommend that they obtain plenty of knowledge as to which species would be suitable for them.

Owls range in size from the tiny Pygmy Owls to the large Eagle Owls and their accommodation varies accordingly, also many species can be very vocal, something to consider if you have close neighbours.

We would suggest visiting an Owl Centre or Sanctuary for advice as well as coming to one of our meetings where members are on hand who have many years of Owl keeping experience.


  • Housing and Presenting Owls by Bernard Sayers

  • Published by the IOS (£3.00 inc. P&P)

  • Understanding Owls by Jemima Parry-Jones

  • Published by David and Charles
    ISBN 0-7153-0643-X.

  • IBR Falconry Directory by Neil and Juliana Fowler

  • Published by the Independent Bird Register
    Contains a list of Owl Breeders

    0161 790 5613