Tuesday 16th January 2018
What is our Secure Server?

The International Owl Society has a Secure Server. Some of the sections, along with individual pages on our website are 'handled' using our Secure Server.

So what is a Secure Server?

    In simple terms, a Secure Server is a web server that uses 'Secure Sockets Layer' (SSL) or another security protocol to protect transmitted personal data from unauthorized access; data such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, card information etc.

    If you would like to read & learn more in-depth information on Secure Servers, please click here .

How will I know if the page I am on is using a Secure Server?
    In the address bar on your browser, you will notice 2 things:

  1. The address of the page will begin with https (not the standard http)
  2. Next to the address (or within the address bar itself) there will be an icon which resembles a security padlock; you can click on this security padlock which will open a small dialogue window which will provide you with details on the security certificate that we use on our website that provides us with the secure server.
  3. Here are examples of what you can look out for. For these examples, the browsers we have used to capture the images are Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. As you will notice, the 'style' and icons differ between different browsers, and the positioning of the 'security padlock' may differ also.

    Example of Internet Explorer's 'Secure Page' address bar:

    Example of Mozilla Firefox's 'Secure Page' address bar:

  4. Also, on pages that are 'handled' via our Secure Server, you will also notice the following 'Security Seal', provided by our Security Certificate provider - Comodo (learn more about Comodo below):

  5. You will also notice an additional link-icon located at the far right of the navigation/menu at the very top of the page, which when clicked on, will direct you to this page:

In general, what pages on the IOS website use a Secure Server?
    Any page that asks you to provide personal information such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, address etc. via the use of an online form. A few examples of pages that will always be 'handled' via our Secure Server:

  • Contact Us
  • Join the IOS (online subscription form)
  • Guestbook

  • Once fully developed, our new Members Only Area will be 'handled' completely via our Secure Server, regardless if there are any online forms on any of the pages.
Which company provides the IOS website with our Secure Server / Security Certifcate?
    Our Secure Server / Security Certificate is provided via Comodo, a well known Home & Business online security company, leading in both anti-virus and Internet Security applications, such as Security Certificates / Secure Servers. The International Owl Society's web hosting provider CrazyDomains sets up our Secure Server / Security Certificate through Comodo. To learn about Comodo, please visit their secure 'About Us' page on their website by clicking here .

Have any questions?

    If you still have any questions related to our Secure Server and its use on our website, please forward any queries to our site Webmaster by clicking here.