Tuesday 20th March 2018
About the IOS

The International Owl Society (IOS) was formed to provide a world wide forum for all of those interested in Owls. Membership is open equally to Owl enthusiasts, keepers and breeders as well as the scientific and zoological communities.

Objectives of the IOS

  1. Advancing the husbandry of Owls in captivity
  2. Assisting in improving breeding results with captive Owls
  3. Assisting and advising in the conservation and preservation of Owls: involving both in situ and ex. situ schemes
  4. To provide a forum for the dissemination of information relating to Ows
  5. To encourage and assist in research programs involving Owls
  6. To provide well informed spokespersons to represent the interests of those who exhibit, display, keep and breed Owls in discussions with legislators

Means of achieving objectives
  1. To publish a quarterly newsletter; TYTO News Brief, and an annual 48 page TYTO magazine
  2. Permit members to advertise surplus and wanted stock in the magazine free of charge
  3. Commercial interests can also insert paid advertisements
  4. Circulating information, via the magazine, about: study programs in the wild; captive care and breeding; taxonomy; relevant legislation etc.
  5. To compile and maintain a register of surplus and wanted stock and unmated birds to assist in establishing additional breeding pairs
  6. Hold studbooks for sensitive species where these do not already exist. Encourage participation in those which already exist
  7. Diversify the gene-pool by encouraging the movement of captive stock both nationally and Internationally
  8. Seek to introduce additional species into captive breeding programs
  9. Provide quarantine facilities and co-ordinate and combine small shipments to minimise cost

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like to Join the IOS, please direct here and follow the on-screen instructions.