Welcome to the website of the International Owl Society

The UK based society was formed in 1996 and was intended as a worldwide forum for anyone with an interested in Owls, from those who simply like Owls and who may wish to support Owl conservation work through the societies conservation projects to those who are considered to be serious keepers & breeders of these remarkable birds as such membership is open equally to all Owl enthusiasts, keepers and breeders as well as the scientific and zoological communities.

We hold two meetings each year (Spring & Autumn) which includes our A.G.M to which all members and those with an interest in joining the society are welcome.

Bookings are now being accepted for our next meeting which will take place at Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation Eynsford, Kent on Sunday 9th April.

Ticket Prices will be £9.00 for Adults and £5.00 for children. A flying display will take place between noon and 1.00pm and our meeting will commence at 1.30.

Tea and Coffee will available. A formal booking slip will be published shortly but if you prefer to book early please make payment via Paypal to paypal@international-owl-society.com quoting "tickets" in the message box. Tickets will be posted to you.

As previously mentioned this is an important meeting for the Society which will address our ongoing viability. We therefore urge as many members as possible to attend.

Eagle Heights is a short drive from the Dartford Thames Crossing. Visit their Website at www.eagleheights.co.uk for more venue information.

Satnav Users should input postcode DA4 0JA

One of the great strengths and value of being a member of the society is in the contacts and friendships you make and develop with others who share your interest and passion for Owl’s.

For those thinking about taking those first steps in obtaining an Owl as well as those new Owl keepers membership of the IOS as a society should be high on your agenda, in order to obtain the required knowledge needed to keep an Owl, to introduce you to experienced and knowledgeable Owl keepers who will in turn become your mentors, assisting and advising when the needs for help or advice arises.

For those established Owl keepers, we have some of the UK’s most experienced Owl keepers and breeders within our membership and on the most part they are more than happy to “Talk Owl” with anyone within the society regardless of their level of experience.

Our objectives as a society are:

  1. Advancing the husbandry of Owls in captivity.
  2. Assisting in improving breeding results with captive Owls.
  3. Assisting and advising in the conservation and preservation of Owls.
  4. To provide a forum for the dissemination of information relating to Owls.
  5. To encourage and assist in research programs involving Owls.
  6. To provide well informed spokespersons to represent the interests of those who exhibit, display, keep and breed Owls in discussions with legislators.

In order to achieve those objectives

  1. We publish for our members Tyto News Brief a 16 page quarterly newsletter, and an annual 48 page TYTO, these publications are presently supported by additional “E” version that we circulate to members via email in addition to the published TYTO’s.
  2. Our “Owl mart” section in TYTO allows members to advertise surplus and wanted stock in TYTO free of charge. (Commercial interests can also insert paid advertisements.
  3. Circulating information, via TYTO in respect of study programs in the wild; captive, care and breeding; taxonomy; relevant legislation, in fact if it is an Owl related topic we would seek to cover it in Tyto.

Our Species Coordination Team endeavor to maintain knowledge of Owl species presently held within the hobby that we consider to be at risk from being lost to Owl keepers; to promote the keeping and breeding of these species, as well as seeking to introduce additional species into captive breeding programs.

Our new website will feature a host of Owl related information and password accessed pages for members, Owl related forums and blogs, an "Owl Mart", an Owl Species Guide, both current and back issues of TYTO, contact details for the IOS Council Members, News and Information, and also entertainment pages for of our younger members.

We hope you enjoy browsing our new website. We'd love to have some feedback from you regarding our new site, so please don't hesitate to leave us a comment on our Guestbook.

Kind Regards,

The International Owl Society Team